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Color Prints of Sanibel - Captiva Island.   We've made available for purchase a selected series of photographs as color enlargement prints. May the pictures remind you of the good life - on Sanibel and Captiva. So, until your return to the Islands, enjoy these!

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Browse through these images and select the ones you wish to own. For details on our prints and prices, see the bottom of this page or click here.

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Kayaks at Sunset
  S U N S E T

Nothing seems to draw more attention on Sanibel - Captiva than the glorious sunsets. Every night there's a party all up and down the beach as this magnificent display unfolds over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The image on the left is a family in kayaks returning to the beach. Moments before, they enjoyed a long encounter with a group of playful dolphins. Remember, any logos or markings shown on these web samples will NOT be included on your print unless you request it.

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Heron Sunset Kayaks
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Heron Sunset
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#4461 Golf at Sunset

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#11988 Surf Sunset
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#11990 Surf Sunset
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#1937 Surf Sunset

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#1484 Sunset Boats
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#11401 Beach Boy at Sunset
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#4464 Palms at Sunset

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Captiva Beach
  B E A C H E S

Our Islands have numerous and varied attractions, but the beach is pretty much top of the list. Our beach is among the best anywhere, according to many visitors. The world's leading expert, Dr. Beach, rated Sanibel Island as #6 best beach overall in the world, and Captiva Island as #3 in his Best Romantic Beaches survey. The image on the right showing the nearly-empty beach on a fine sunny day makes a fine 13 x 19 enlargement.

Below are four wide-angle perspective shots illustrating the beach close-up. Each of these makes a very fine 13 x 19 enlargement, and larger sizes will show off the spectacular detail and realism. On the left is a study of the Beach Shells before sunset, with sharp focus from the close-up shells all the way to the distant horizon. This image is made with a tilted lens to achieve this focus. Next is a set of bare footprints receding up the beach. The closest Beach Footprint is emphasized by its large size and sharp focus, while the more distant prints fade into the distance and the focus softens. Next, a lone shell appears ready to be Washed Away by the oncoming wave. You can sense the power in the small wave from the close-up perspective of a tiny shell. Below right, the shell -- having survived the wave -- is surrounded by tiny bubbles and seawater. A seagull (upper right in the photo) walks past, checking to see if there's something to eat.

click to enlarge image #11391 Beach Shells click to enlarge image #12181 Beach Footprint click to enlarge image #12186 Washed Away click to enlarge image #12191 Shell Bubbles

click to enlarge image #4295 Pool with Palms
overlooking the beach
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#4315 Umbrellas and Palm Trees
shade people on the beach
click to enlarge image #11396 Sunset Spectators
on the Beach

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Bayside Pool at Dawn
  S U N R I S E

Another impressive display happens each morning. Sunrise is much less of a popular and social event among visitors, perhaps because some are asleep. But it's a beautiful and peaceful time of day. Those who are up and about (like fishermen), or who step onto the porches of their bay-front property, usually get a colorful and inspiring start to their day.

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Osprey Nest Sunrise
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#1676 Tropical Dawn
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#4933 Heron at Sunrise

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Snowy Egret
  N A T U R E

More and more, visitors to Sanibel and Captiva are interested in observing the wildlife in a pristine environment. Sanibel holds one of the most famous preserves: Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. But you're likely to see as much Nature as you could wish right in your backyard on Captiva.

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#3718 Osprey Takes Wing

About Our Color Prints for Sale

Prints are available in the three sizes listed below (dimensions are in inches). Some prints may deviate from the dimensions shown due to cropping. Prices include sales tax (if applicable) and shipping (U.S. addresses only, Alaska and Hawaii slightly higher). 10% discount on five or more prints ordered together, 20% discount on ten or more. Please allow approximately three weeks for order fulfillment, which gives us time to properly cure your prints.

  • Size A: nominally 8 x 10, fits standard matt opening 7.5 by 9.5, 11 x 14 frame, $44.
  • Size B: nominally 13 x 19, fits standard 18 x 24 or larger frame, $79.
  • Size C: nominally 20 x 30, fits a larger custom frame (special order), $129.
  • Image license for printing of a single PhotoGlow transparency (see below), $30.
Most images are suitable for enlargement up to print Size C (some even larger), and will be most impressive at these large sizes. Certain images are recommended for Size A (smaller) prints in order to retain the best detail. You can order them in larger sizes, but the recommended displayed distance is several feet away from the viewers.

These prints are created using state of the art digital printing techniques, with fine art pigmented inks on archival media. Color accuracy and detail are much better than most photographic laboratories can achieve. They are rated for 80-year display (without fading, under normal conditions) -- far longer than wet process color prints. The prints are cured, then rolled in protective film (larger sizes) before shipping in tubes. For best results, the prints should be handled as little as possible before professional mounting and framing. All photographic prints should be mounted under glass using acid-free materials, matted to keep the print surface from contacting the glass, and displayed out of direct sunlight and away from chemical vapors such as ozone. Sorry: we do not ship mounted or framed prints except by special volume order.

When you purchase a print from us, it becomes your photograph -- a great enlargement just like you would make from your own vacation photographs. Unless you specifically request it, our prints do not bear advertising, logos, etc. The photographer normally signs his / her work outside the image area so you can mat over the signature if you wish. However, the photographer retains the copyright and print purchasers are not allowed to reproduce the images. If you need more copies, we do the best job of making them.

We also offer images printed on translucent film for the self-illuminated PhotoGlow frames. These remarkable frames use color-correct internal lamps to backlight the image like a giant slide. It's a stunning and beautiful display for sunsets and other luminous scenes, and will definitely get everyone's attention! The frames are as thin as a standard picture frame, and hang on a normal wall hook or sit on a desktop. They use very little power and the small power supply wire can be discretely hidden. The cold lamps inside the PhotoGlow are designed to be left on continuously (no need to turn them off at night). PhotoGlow frames are custom assembled with your image and shipped directly from the manufacturer. There is a modest charge for the image use. Prices are comparable to custom framing, and PhotoGlows can be easily re-used if you'd like to order additional image prints. For more information about PhotoGlow, click here.

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