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The Captiva Island Photo Gallery.   We understand: not everyone can come here, and most that do visit can't stay as long as they wish. So for those who must live elsewhere, we've created this collection of photos. May the pictures remind you of the good life - on Captiva. So, until your return to the Islands, enjoy these!


captiva-island.com has over 1000 photographs of Captiva Island, so this Gallery will include a sampling of those pictures, as well as some images that aren't anywhere else on the site. Follow the links to explore more about a topic of interest. Selected images are available for purchase as fine-art color prints suitable for framing.

Photographs of Captiva Island

The Osprey on a Palm Frond (top): these once-endangered birds are fascinating. Though still protected, they certainly thrive here in this unique environment and seem quite abundant. See our Nature Photographs page, or take a look at the EcoTours for more information about nature conservation on Captiva.

Sunset with Palms (above center) shows a sample of the nightly color as the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. Have a look at the sunset (and sunrise) sections below.

The twilight building (above right) is Keylime Bistro. Check out our listings of some better-known restaurants on Captiva, along with photographs of course.

For more about our photography, visit www.photocentric.net. See also www.wvphotographs.com.

#13296 Captiva Beach at Sunset

#57330 Cheers at Sunset

#07623 Checking Traps at Sunrise

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Captiva Island Beach Pictures
  B E A C H E S

Our Islands have numerous and varied attractions, but the beach is pretty much top of the list. Our beach is among the best anywhere, according to many visitors. Captiva is "#1 among Romantic Beaches in the U.S. and Nearby" according to travel expert Amy Ziff. The world's leading expert, Dr. Beach, rated Sanibel Island as #6 best beach overall, and Captiva Island as #3 in his Best Romantic Beaches survey. All of the beaches are open to the public, but for the most part only residents and guests visit the sands. At sunset, however, there is a wonderful gathering all along the beach to enjoy the display and the company of friends and neighbors. This photo (left) was taken during the "off season," when the weather can be just perfect and you could have the beach almost all to yourself. Oh, and you also get great prices... see our Rental List pages to see the rates. We have more beach pictures.

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Photographs of Swimming Pools
  P O O L S

Visit our photo gallery of swimming pools. Many of our houses have pools, ranging from plainly inviting to artistic masterpieces. Some are private, some shared, and some are larger community pools. The smaller pools often feature screen enclosures to keep out the tropical jungle leaves as well as any bugs.

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Sunset Scenes
  S U N S E T

Nothing seems to draw more attention on Sanibel - Captiva than the glorious sunsets. Every night there's a party all up and down the beach as this magnificent display unfolds over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Bring a camera or a cocktail and join your family, friends and neighbors for one of Nature's most dramatic light shows. Some sunsets are definitely better than others, but you're sure to be impressed if you "attend" several. Click to see more sunset pictures.

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  S U N R I S E

Another impressive display happens each morning. Sunrise is much less of a popular and social event among visitors, perhaps because some are asleep. But it's a beautiful and peaceful time of day. Those who are up and about (like fishermen), or who step onto the porches of their bay-front property, usually get a colorful and inspiring start to their day.

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Nature Scenes
  N A T U R E

More and more, visitors to Sanibel and Captiva are interested in observing the wildlife in a pristine environment. American Realty of Captiva offers customized EcoTours for the ecologically minded, including kids. Sanibel holds one of the most famous preserves: Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. But Nature is everywhere on Sanibel and Captiva, and here are a few Nature photographs we've made right in our yards.

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