Captiva Beach Scenes
Sunny Captiva Beach at Christmas
Sunny Captiva Beach at Christmas

Dolphins Cruising The Beach

Dolphins Aren’t Shy

Newly Renourished Beach

Newly Renourished Beach

Captiva Village at Sunset

Beach under a Full Moon

Stars Circle the Sky

Fishing on the Beach at Sunset

Sea Oats on the Beach Front Dunes

Sunset Reflected on the Sand

Abstract Sunset Reflections

Another Gorgeous Sunset on the Beach

Beach Renourishment Ships

Beach Renourishment Ships
Plenty to do on Captiva's beaches, swim, boat, sunbathe...
Here is but a glimpse of the ways you could spend your day on the beach.
Relax under an umbrella, swim in the warm clear water, collect shells on the beach,
or take the boat out for fishing or water sports.
This is the good life, here on the glorious Gulf beaches of Captiva!
Captiva is “#1 among Romantic Beaches in the U.S. and Nearby” by Amy Ziff.
The pristine beach is completely empty sometimes
The pristine beach is completely empty sometimes

This wonderful empty beach and beautiful weather aren’t being wasted.
They’re waiting here for you to enjoy when you visit Captiva.
The famous Mucky Duck Restaurant, on the beach
You can’t see the beach here (it’s right behind the photographer),
but the Mucky Duck restaurant is fantastic for dining at the beach.
“The Duck” is an authentic English pub, and the founders
proudly use the British theme in the charming tavern area and in the dining room.
The food, though, is out of this world.