The beautiful tropical paradise known as Captiva Island sits in the Gulf of Mexico, in warm, sunny southwest Florida. Here you’ll find the Captiva Library (also known as the Captiva Memorial Library) and Civic Center. The Captiva Library is a great resource for visitors and residents alike. Inside, you’ll find not only useful books but helpful people who can provide information not readily available in any book.

Topics of expertise range from history of human habitation of the island to local nature information such as wildlife and ecology. The Library has even published books about Captiva Island. Children’s programs include history and cultural celebrations and the ever-Captiva Librarypopular Story Time for the youngsters (every Thursday at 3:00 in season, please call to confirm). Adult programs range from lectures on marine biology and nature conservation to walking shoreline tours focusing on beach dynamics. Registration is recommended for some programs, so please check the Captiva Library web site for details, or call the library at (239) 533-4890.

You get access to the entire Lee County Library system: the Captiva branch can order books from throughout the large county system. Visitor cards valid for three months are available to non-residents at the bargain price of $15. And you still have availability of the library resources when you go home (such as Kindle).

The library is located at the intersection of Chapin Lane and Wiles Drive, next to Chapel By The Sea, at 11560 Chapin Lane. Click Library to view the location on the Captiva Map.

Captiva Island is renown for its wildlife, shells, nature sanctuaries, and unique ecology. Ecotourism and conservation are continue to increase in interest and importance here. You too can help preserve this rare and delicate environment by learning about it while you’re here, and if you wish by joining our conservation organizations and activities. We always welcome your interest, participation, or just enjoyment and appreciation.