Renters Rules and Regulations

Property Manager

George Hoch is responsible for enforcing our rules and regulations, and for the exterior maintenance of the pool and common areas. George can be reached at 239-396-3167 or at his cell number 239-292-1603.

Home Occupancy

Home occupancy cannot exceed 6 people for two-bedroom homes, or 8 people for three-bedroom homes, as originally built.  Violation of this rule will result in contact with the owner and/or rental agency and you will be asked to leave.

We do not permit the hanging of bathing suits, towels, etc. from the stairs or railings.  Beach toys, umbrellas, beach chairs, and sporting equipment should be stored out of sight.

Our sewage treatment plant is quite old and expensive to maintain. So please be careful of what you flush (TP only).


There is a limit of 2 cars per home at any time.  A dated tag must be on display in your car(s) on the windshield, at all times. Otherwise, the car will be towed.   The maximum speed limit is 7 mph.

Motorcycles, scoot coupes, mopeds, travel trailers, and motor homes are not permitted on the property.  No trailers or boats on trailers are permitted on the property at any time unless completely stored under the unit.  Parking is not permitted on our roads or in any area that impedes the access of others.

Golf Carts

A dated Sunset Captiva tag must be visible and attached to your golf cart at all times, or the golf cart will be towed.  There will be one golf cart pass per unit.

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, obey posted speed limits, and park in designated areas only.   There should be no racing, horseplay, or reckless driving.  Violating these rules will result in notification to golf cart rental agencies and removal of the golf cart from the property.

Quiet Hours

All residents should maintain quiet hours from 10 PM to 7:30 AM as a courtesy to their neighbors and in compliance with the Captiva ordinance.

This includes inside and outside of the units as well as common areas (roads, golf cart parking areas, and the swimming pool area).  Please turn off exterior lights by 10:00 PM.


Grilling is only allowed at the grills in the complex.

There are three grills in the swimming pool area.  After use, the grills should be cleaned, and the gas and lights turned off.

No Vaping/No Smoking

There is no vaping or smoking allowed in common areas which include the pool and pool area, tennis courts, dock, benches at the beach, and roads.


No pets of any kind are permitted for renters or guests.

Swimming Pool

The pool rules are posted at the pool.  Please become familiar with them.  The pool opens at 7:30 AM and closes at dusk.  Earbuds are required while listening to music as a courtesy to others. Please close umbrellas when not in use— especially on windy days.


Please do not walk in the dunes as they are there to protect our beaches and are protected by law. All beach equipment should be removed from the beach between 9 PM and 7:30 AM.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

The courts are open from 7:30 AM and close at dusk. Sign-up sheets are available at the courts. Play is limited to one hour if others are waiting. The courts can be damaged by inappropriate use. Thus, only shoes with white soles are permitted. Bicycling, skateboarding, inline skating, and other non-tennis activities (basketball, soccer balls, etc.) are not permitted.

Boat Docks

The boat docks are for the use of Sunset Captiva owners, guests of owners, and renters only and are accessed via the driveway at Sunset Captiva Bayside. Other common areas at Sunset Captiva Bayside are private and for the condo residents only. Parking at the dock is limited to loading and unloading.  Unaccompanied minors are not allowed on the dock. 

George Hoch, our property manager, must be contacted before bringing a boat to our dock. George will assign slips.  Under no circumstances should anyone dock a boat in a “no mooring” area.  If George is not available, contact Sarah Doherty (239-395-1656) at Island Management.  Boaters must present a “Certificate of Insurance” prior to docking a boat at our dock.  Only one boat per unit is permitted.

Trash and Recycling

Recyclable trash is picked up on Wednesday. The blue recycling containers can be placed on the road on Tuesday evening. Regular trash is picked up on Thursday. Trash containers can be placed on the road on Wednesday evening. Once collected, please replace all trash containers under your house.