Network and Telephone Services

Broadband Connectivity and Cell Phones


Electronics, network and telephone services and equipment are provided as-is by the homeowners (not by American Realty of Captiva), are not guaranteed to operate or be compatible with your own equipment, and are subject to change without notice. We always recommend you call American Realty of Captiva in advance to confirm status and availability of services you may regard as critical. While American Realty of Captiva cannot offer official support for these services and equipment, our maintenance technicians do have considerable experience in resolving typical problems. We will do our best to help you during our regular maintenance hours. Professional, off-hours, and emergency support may be available through computer and network firms in the region (solely at guest’s expense). Certain problems can only be resolved by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). We have found Sprint and Comcast to be pleasantly responsive to most trouble reports. The broadband up-time for Captiva is generally excellent, but occasional service interruptions can occur. We are told that Sprint and Comcast throttle downstream bandwidth to 1.5 megabits on the islands and that streaming HD video may not work, but of course this is subject to change as the data infrastructure evolves.

Broadband Network

Many of our vacation rental homes (see Listing) are equipped by the owners with residential broadband. This is free, unlimited high-speed Internet which is does not require telephone dial-up and is referred to as an “always on” connection. The service is free to guests, and is provided and supported through either the local telephone carrier (Sprint DSL) or cable TV provider (Comcast). Typical service is 1.5Mb for DSL and 3.0Mb for cable (nominal downstream baud rate, subject to change), with hardware firewall (NAT router). Most homes provide a wireless access point for your WIFI-equipped devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. We try to keep our listings current, but equipment is upgraded frequently and new capabilities may not be reflected on this site right away. So if you have specific requirements, please call us to inquire or to verify availability..

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Push2Talk Service Description and Instructions: The Push2Talk service is an easy way to talk to us now. It’s also handy if you do not wish to dial our toll-free number, or for international guests for whom toll-free 800 numbers are not accessible. The call is completely free for you, and your telephone number will not be disclosed or sold to third parties.

  • Click on the Push2Talk icon (to the right), or click here.
  • Enter your telephone number in the form.
  • The Push2Talk system will dial your number, then connect you to American Realty of Captiva’s office.

During our regular office hours, we’ll be standing by and can help you immediately. Our office hours are:

  • 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Saturday
  • 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM, Sunday

If we’re not in the office, please just leave your name and number on our voice mail system and we’ll call you back at our earliest opportunity.

Cell Phones

There is a new cellular telephone tower on Captiva (just north of the Captiva Village area) that provides excellent reception at most of our properties.

Long Distance Telephone

Thanks to our new cell tower, we find our guests are simply using their own cell phones to stay in touch with friends, family and business (and maybe boast a bit about the fine Captiva weather). Therefore we have discontinued our program of free long-distance calling (via wired telephone).