6 Bedrooms


4 Baths


Sleeps 12


7 Day Stay


Sol Mate has been described as “the ideal vacation home” on Captiva Island, Florida. It’s especially suited for large and multi-generational family visitors or smaller groups that like a LOT of space. Sol Mate Too adjacent to Sol Mate will accommodate a family gathering of 20, and perfect for the family reunions at the beachfront location! Take a look at Sol Mate Too for the additional family to join the FUN and memories in SUNNY Captiva Island! https://captiva-island.com/property/sol-mate-too

This home has the perfect layout, inside and outside: comfortable, efficient, and easy for everyone. This could be the model for how a beach house ought to be designed and furnished. And the location is ideal, too: right on the beach in a sparsely-built area (no public parking), near the Captiva Library, and a short walk to restaurants, shops, and activities in Captiva’s Village Center.

Sol Mate fronts a wide section of Captiva beach, famous for its white sand, pretty shells, warm Gulf of Mexico water, and abundant sunshine. A short boardwalk leads right onto the sand – so easy to pop back and forth between the house and the beach. A full accessibility ramp with handrails spaced 28 inches apart leads down to a beach path or to the parking area. This is perfect for a no-stairs entry or just for rolling in the luggage.

You could spend all of your Captiva time right there on the beach, or enjoy the many other activities of Captiva (many within easy walking distance). Numerous comfortably furnished screened porches and a beachfront sun deck offer fabulous views of the Gulf of Mexico and the famous Captiva sunsets.

Sol Mate boasts a lovely beachfront yard with sea grapes and palms. A great new feature is the tiki hut with a hot/cold shower and foot rinse, conveniently located as you return from the beach on the boardwalk. The beach deck is furnished with a bench and beach chairs, and the gas grill is located here.

The interior of Sol Mate orbits around the two-story great room. The west side of the house is almost all glass, maximizing natural light and those incredible views of the beach, Gulf of Mexico, and sunsets. The mature treescape lends just the right amount of privacy for sunbathing on the upper deck and adds welcome afternoon shade in the right places below. The great room sitting area has a new pull-out sleep sofa. A large-screen HDTV covers the room.

The kitchen is set up for efficient workflow – essential when serving a large group of hungry Sol Mate guests. There is plenty of counter space for preparing and serving food and drinks, and for collecting dishes. The kitchen has a circulating flow around the central island. And everything is well lit with recessed floodlights. The kitchen has 2 dishwashers, 2 double sinks and a second refrigerator (in the nearby laundry room) is handy for organizing lots of groceries or for chilling drinks.

The dining room table regularly seats 8 and can be expanded to seat 12. There is a breakfast bar with several stools for more casual dining. Just outside on the shaded, screened porch are two more four-seat dining tables. An outdoor gas grill is provided on the beach deck.

On the upper level at Sol Mate are four bedrooms and a beach-facing loft which can be a sleeping space. The spacious primary bedroom has a king bed with a chest of drawers. Sliding glass doors open onto a screened veranda overlooking the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. The views are fantastic: from waking up to the dawn colors and shorebirds on the beach, to mid-afternoon sunshine, through sunset and the last colors in the west. From the primary’s veranda turn right onto the open sundeck or turn left down an outdoor staircase for quick access to the beach boardwalk.

Adjoining through French doors (or a separate hallway entrance) is the primary bedroom dressing room which is comfortable as a southeast bedroom, which is ideal for children. There is a day bed with a trundle in the sitting room. The primary balcony faces east, and there is a convenient vanity and sink separate from the bathroom. A door from this bedroom opens directly into the primary bathroom with a step-in shower. This bathroom is also accessible from the hallway.

Each of the four east bedrooms has a private balcony overlooking the east garden. Enjoy morning coffee in the sunshine, or retreat here for some quiet reading in the afternoon shade.

The upper-level northeast bedroom has a queen bed and shares the guest bathroom with a jet tub/shower and twin sinks. The bunk room has plenty of room for the younger generation, with four twin-size bunks.

There are two bedrooms on the main level of Sol Mate. The southeast bedroom has a king bed, while the northeast bedroom has a queen bed. The southeast guest bathroom includes a jet tub with a shower. The northeast guest bathroom features a large walk-in shower of decorative glass bricks. Both main-level guest bathrooms are accessible from the great room

The upper-level balcony overlooks the great room, and at the northwest, this balcony opens up into the lovely loft area. There is a television, ceiling fan, and plenty of lighting. What a lovely area to relax and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine! The pull-out sleep sofa makes this a good sleeping space as well, with a portable screen for added privacy. A large glass sliding door faces west and opens onto a separate screened veranda, offering shade and cool breezes at midday.

  • Description Beachfront, single-family vacation home Easy access with new ramp (handrails 28″ apart)
  • Configuration 6 bedrooms (king, queen, queen, queen, trundle, two sets of bunk beds, sleeper sofa), 4 baths
  • Occupancy 12 persons
  • Amenities Central air conditioning and heat, ceiling fans throughout (including covered porches), full kitchen, second refrigerator, 6 TVs including a new 40-inch HDTV with DVD and new audio equipment in the great room (TVs in every adult bedroom including the loft), 2 VCRs, DVD, jacuzzi jet tub in primary bath, laundry room with washer and dryer, patio with gas grill, tiki hut with hot and cold running water, umbrella and beach chairs, close walk to Chapel By The Sea and Library, free high-speed Internet access
  • Kitchen Full Kitchen, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Toaster, Cookware
  • Beach towels are provided in all homes.
  • Beach items such as chairs and umbrellas are not guaranteed to be available.
  • Location Beachfront, In the Village, Close to Shops
  • Pets Sorry, no pets are permitted
  • Minimum Stay one week (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Reservation Fee Booking a reservation requires a non-refundable reservation fee of $200 ($72.48 including tax). Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Cancellation Policy You may cancel your reservation up to 120 days before arrival and your payments (except the reservation fee with tax) will be refunded. After this date, no cancellations are allowed and no refunds will be made.
  •  Cable / DVD
  •  Dock / Pier
  •  Easy Access – Minimal or No Stairs
  •  Elevator
  •  Enclosed Heated Pool
  •  Game Equipment
  •  Grill Access
  •  Heated Pool
  •  Hot Tub
  •  Jet Tub
  •  No Pets Allowed
  •  Pet Friendly with approval
  •  Shared Pool
  •  Spa Tub
  •  Tennis
  •  Wifi
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  • Description Beach front, single-family vacation home Easy access with new ramp (hand rails 28" apart)
  • Configuration 6 bedrooms (king, queen, queen, queen, trundle, two sets of bunk beds, sleeper sofa), 4 baths
  • Occupancy 12 persons
  • Amenities Central air conditioning and heat, ceiling fans throughout (including covered porches), full kitchen, second refrigerator, 6 TVs including a new 40-inch HDTV with DVD and new audio equipment in the great room (TVs in every adult bedroom including the loft), 2 VCRs, DVD, jacuzzi jet tub in master bath, laundry room with washer and dryer, patio with gas grill, tiki hut with hot and cold running water, umbrella and beach chairs, close walk to Chapel By The Sea and Library, free high speed Internet access
  • Pets sorry, no pets are permitted
  • Minimum Stay one week (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Cable
  • Dock / Pier
  • Easy Access - Minimal or No Stairs
  • Elevator
  • Enclosed Heated Pool
  • Game Equipment
  • Grill Access
  • Heated Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Jet Tub
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Pet Friendly with approval
  • Shared Pool
  • Spa Tub
  • Tennis
  • Wifi

Please contact us prior to booking. 800-547-0127