4 Bedrooms


4 Baths


Sleeps 12


7 Day Stay


Special offer: Secure an exclusive deal at just $9,949.00, on all available weeks between July to January 2024, excluding holiday weeks.

Brand New !!! LUXURY  !!!!

The White Orchid is a four-bedroom beachfront home on Captiva Island, Florida. As you drive through the property’s lush landscape and towering palm trees, you feel transported into a tropical paradise. The house was fully renovated and has been converted into a contemporary luxury beach home with a warm and comfortable style. Wonderful designer details coupled with high-end finishes, fixtures, and appliances are visible throughout.

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen: Enter the front door and catch a glimpse of the ocean through the grand disappearing sliding glass doors across the spacious living area. The dining area features a large dining table for 12. The living area has a sprawling sectional, a contemporary fireplace, and an 85″ smart TV to provide entertainment. The stylish gourmet kitchen is furnished with high-end appliances.

Bedroom 1 (Primary): King-size bed, en-suite sitting area, en-suite shower + outside shower, walk-in closet, high-end furniture, automated curtains, 75″ smart TV, and a patio with ocean views and seating.

Bedrooms 2 and 3: Each bedroom has two queen-size beds, a closet, a dresser, smart TV, direct access to the terrace, and automated shades.

Bedroom 4: King size bed, closet, dresser, smart TV. (This bedroom is on the upper level)

Open Terrace and Pool Deck: The generous open terrace is fringed by tall palm trees and offers ample seating and tables and an infrared gas BBQ grill. Relax in the double lounge beds or in the contemporary hot tub. An inviting cabana meets you on your path to the ocean.

Upper Level: The upper level has a large living room with spectacular ocean views, a comfortable “cloud” sectional, a ping pong table, a 75″ smart TV, and an open loft with more seating and games. Kids’ and teens’ favorite hangout is the media room with its comfortable oversize sectional (often used as a bed), large dresser, small closet, and a smart TV.

Bathrooms: There are four full baths in the house, each with high-end designer features, including LED illuminated shower niches, Hansgrohe showers, and large countertops.

Beach: The White Orchid’s pristine beachfront features great white sand and lots of pretty shells. Although our beach is relaxing and quiet, when conditions are good you will see surfers, kiteboarders, paddle boarders, jet skis, and boats. Be sure to bring your camera to catch a shot of sea turtles and dolphins!

Parking: There is no street parking on Captiva Drive but our driveway has rooms for at least 4-5 cars.

Electronics/Wi-Fi: The house has high-speed internet, seven smart TVs, three Sonos speakers, and an Xbox one console.

The Island: Captiva/Sanibel Island has most of the amenities that are typical for a tropical island. You can rent many types of water and other sports equipment, such as boats, wave runners, paddleboards, kayaks, and fishing equipment. You can pursue a great number of outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, pickleball, fishing, kayaking in the mangroves, boat tours, nature preserve tours, kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, renting golf carts or small boogie carts, riding bikes on extensive bike paths.

  • Description: Secluded 5000 sq ft luxury beachfront property with high-end amenities and furnishings, fully renovated and furnished.
  • Configuration: The house has 2 bedrooms with one king bed in each, two bedrooms with 2 queen beds in each, and 4 full baths with showers. For more detailed configuration please see the floor plans on the photo carousel above.
  • Occupancy: Maximum 12 persons
  • Amenities: Fully equipped gourmet kitchen with Sub-Zero refrigerator/ice maker, two dishwashers, two ovens, wine cooler, Keurig K-Cup, coffee maker, microwave, toaster, and cookware.  The large dining table can seat 12. The interior is fully air-conditioned with ceiling fans in most living spaces and bedrooms. We provide linens, baths, and beach towels. There is a large laundry room with a washer and dryer. There is high-speed internet for your convenience.  All living rooms and bedrooms are equipped with large flat-screen smart TVs with apps so that you can log into your own Netflix and similar accounts. You can log into your Sonos accounts on the Sonos speakers. The outdoor deck has lots of seating and tables, a heated swimming pool, and an in-ground hot tub.
  • Games: For gaming, we have an Xbox One console so you can either bring your own games or play online. The upstairs living room has a large upscale ping pong table, various games, and books.
  • Business accommodations: Our landline and strong Wi-Fi throughout the house and the pool deck will allow you to conduct your business.
  • Beach towels are provided in all homes.
  • Beach items such as chairs and umbrellas are not guaranteed to be available.
  • Location Beachfront, Close to Shops, Captiva Drive, Oceanfront
  • Minimum stay: one week (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Suitability: The White Orchid is a treat for design lovers and we request that guests treat the house and the furnishings with tender care to preserve them for everyone’s continued enjoyment.
  • Reservation Fee Booking a reservation requires a non-refundable reservation fee of $200 ($72.48 including tax). Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Cancellation Policy You may cancel your reservation up to 120 days before arrival and your payments (except the reservation fee with tax) will be refunded. After this date, no cancellations are allowed and no refunds will be made
  •  Beachfront
  •  Oceanfront
  •  Private Heated Pool
  •  Hot Tub
  •  Pool Lounge Area
  •  Open Deck & Patio Area
  •  Open Cabana
  •  Outdoor Grill
  • Smart TV’s
  •  Game Equipment
  •  Easy Access – Minimal or No Stairs
  •  Cable TV
  •  Sonos Speaker
  •  Xbox Console
  • Wifi
  •  Ping Pong Table
  •  No Pets Allowed
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American Realty of Captiva
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 0 reviews
  • Description Secluded, 5000-sq ft luxury home on one-and-a-half acres of beach front property
  • Configuration 3 King bedrooms, 1 Queen bedroom, sleeping loft with Daybed and Trundle (twins), convertible sofa upstairs, convertible sofa downstairs, 4 full baths (3 down and 1 up) There are separate family rooms upstairs and downstairs, for separate kids area or two family groups.
  • Occupancy 14 Persons
  • Amenities Lighted tiki hut on beach, beach chairs, hammocks, outdoor whirlpool spa hot tub, three outdoor showers (one at the Tiki hut), (sorry, fireplaces are not available to guests), gourmet kitchen with 2 dishwashers and 2 ovens, gas grill, washer/dryer, 6 cable TVs = one in each room with DVD players and Xfinity cable service including HBO and Showtime (flatscreen TV with DVD in master bedroom), XBOX, VCR, stereo, separate hers and his bathrooms in Master suite, hers with a jacuzzi jet tub and his with a large shower, another jacuzzi jet tub in guest bath, central air conditioning, 2 screened porches, 1 open porch, 1 open deck. Original artwork throughout. Additionally, for a large gathering, there are a dozen folding chairs; dining table can expand to seat 14. Pets are welcome too with prior approval !!!! (non refundable pet fee applies)
  • Games Harvil 7 Foot Triple Flip 3-in-1 Game Table (ping pong, pool, and air hockey)
  • Business Accommodations Best provision for business persons on the island! Tenderly has what you need to carry on with business while enjoying this paradise with your family. We have an office with copier, WIFI throughout the house, fax, scanner and printer provided
  • Minimum Stay one week (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Suitability Special note for our valued guests: Tenderly is a unique masterwork lovingly created by the owners. The premium-built structure has been expertly decorated with carefully selected ornaments, fine art and exquisite furnishings. Such a treasure deserves tender loving care by all visitors to preserve it for everyone's continued enjoyment.
  • Cable
  • Dock / Pier
  • Easy Access - Minimal or No Stairs
  • Elevator
  • Enclosed Heated Pool
  • Game Equipment
  • Grill Access
  • Heated Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Jet Tub
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Pet Friendly with approval
  • Shared Pool
  • Spa Tub
  • Tennis
  • Wifi

Please contact us prior to booking. 800-547-0127

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American Realty of Captiva
Average rating:  
 0 reviews