Star (and Moon) Gazing on Captiva Island, Florida

Visitors are well aware of Captiva’s well-deserved reputation for warm sunshine. And who can resist those lovely sunsets? But at night, Captiva has another magical charm to offer.

The clear night sky – especially seen from the beach – can be truly astonishing. Countless brilliant stars and the Milky Way seem almost within reach, hovering above from horizon to horizon.

For those who haven’t seen the heavens from a dark area, the sight of myriad stars against the inky black depths of space will fascinate and perhaps inspire. You see, Captiva Island sits at the very end of the road, miles out to sea and well beyond the mainland’s city glow. With minimal outdoor lights of its own, Captiva’s moonless night skies can be perfect for star gazing.

And enter the moon with its very different character: rising orange through the twilight over the vast bay, bathing the seascape in silvery light from overhead, and sinking deep orange again into Gulf of Mexico horizon.

Dolphins Play under a Full Moon
Dolphins Play under a Full Moon